Geography In The Anthropocene Age

We the students of geography are a myriad of acumen minds already working on providing the world a better tomorrow through their magnum opuses in the field of geography. But here’s what people who irrationally keep asking us why we chose geography and of what use could it possibly be in the contemporary world need... Continue Reading →


Consumerism and Sustainability

This brief account is solely written by putting my own ideas and thoughts on consumerism and sustainability and is thus less factual, more authentic.  Consumerism is to protecting the rights and interests of the consumer as sustainability is to carefully using and preserving the resources for the future. Both the components are important in there respective aspects... Continue Reading →

Perks of being a Geography student

My only reason for writing this blog is this one whopping remark I have been hearing all my life - ‘Geography is not a subject to be chosen for setting up your career my child!’ I mean seriously? Being a geography student is one of the most sassiest things you can ever do. I know... Continue Reading →

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