Geography In The Anthropocene Age

We the students of geography are a myriad of acumen minds already working on providing the world a better tomorrow through their magnum opuses in the field of geography. But here’s what people who irrationally keep asking us why we chose geography and of what use could it possibly be in the contemporary world need to definitely know.

 Does Geography really matter?

 “It seeks to classify phenomena (alike of the natural and of the political world, in so far as it treats of the latter), to compare, to generalize, to ascend from effects to causes, and, in doing so, to trace out the laws of nature and to mark their influences upon man.” – William Hughes, 1863

 It matters. It rather comes as a benison when nobody focuses on the solution but rather on private profits, when nobody thinks of everybody but one’s own greed. When the entire galore of highly statured disciplines fail on figuring where in the world are things going wrong, geography emerges with one simple rather prime fundamental view – ‘studying the human-environmental relations’. Geography is basically learning everything from a spatial perspective. It’s been called ‘the world discipline’. It is also gapping the bridge between the humanities and the sciences. But the grief? Geography is still being sadly underrated.

  “It’s the mother of all sciences”

 When I say – ‘In the Anthropocene age’, I mean the current geological age viewed as the period during which human activity has been been the dominant influence on climate and the environment. A period so vast that physics, chemistry, biology didn’t seem to have surpass the outlooks that geography had towards the world. With Palaeogeography as it’s core, physiography as it’s outer core, anthropology as it’s mantle and Geomatics as it’s crust it presents before a new planet of superlative discoveries that better be interpreted than just knowing.

 It cross-questions world politics

 We humans are a maven at dividing boundaries, claiming shares, procuring natural resources, engaging in warfare and debating on every other public policy issue without ever realizing it’s side-effects. When we discuss about the nuclear ambitions of North Korea, the revolutionary hopes of the Arab Spring, the Indo-Pak border dispute, how terrorism is spreading this rapidly or America’s global hegemony, we are not talking of a particular state but an entire world being affected. Without knowing where on the map North Korea even is, without knowing it’s geographic features, we are putting not just North Korea but the entire world under a poltical turmoil. It’s time that we apprehend the importance of ‘Geo’ again in Geopolitics.

 The need for more Geographers

 What Strabo, Ptolemy and the very recent, Michael Palin did for geography, needs to be done more elaborately by us taking the immortal legacy forward. In the words of the most celebrated geographer of our time, Sir Harm de Blij, Geography illiteracy poses a huge risk. That each one of you should know more geography than the sciences. This will make you more confident than ever of walking on the land. Because you need to scrutinize the land in physical terms before buying your next plot, don’t you? So how about already having a mind map in your brain and an entire vocabulary of scientific yet geographic facts at the tip of your tongue?

And yes, with Theresa May becoming Britain’s reigning Prime Minister, the joke on geography is definitely no longer a joke.

“Comprehending Geography is an epoch of our generation”


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