Perks of being a Geography student

My only reason for writing this blog is this one whopping remark I have been hearing all my life – ‘Geography is not a subject to be chosen for setting up your career my child!’ I mean seriously?
Being a geography student is one of the most sassiest things you can ever do. I know many of you reading this don’t take the subject seriously, it’s just because you have no idea what wonders does a geography student’s future holds for him/her. Geography is said to be the “Mother of all sciences” i.e. it provides the base for all the supernatural, ultra-high level subjects the science students love to study!
Geography, as the name suggests, implies the study of the whole world, the whole planet earth, which I guess is quite a hard nut to crack! Isn’t it? So all my fellow geography students out there, cheer up! We’ve got a mastermind to look after! You know what? We have got the biggest ball in the universe to play with – our planet earth!
A geography student is probably the most effervescent, jaunty, courageous and in some way mysterious person roaming round the world. Geography is in itself a vibrant subject, expecting you to do multiple numero-uno tasks a person must be experiencing like travelling, discovering, getting into the roots of different cultures and adapting new lifestyles all of which are bound to make you stand a notch apart from the rest! All you need is passion with a tinge of respect for your subject.
Judy Martz once quoted saying – “Everything has to do with Geography”. And as per it is the case of your career – Don’t Panic! Take a chill pill! A variety of options have their doors open for you – Cartographer, Civil Services, Geographical Information System (GIS), town planning, environmental consultant or trying your hand in the Discovery or National Geographic channels? Just give a knock at any one door and leave the rest on it’s own!
My idea of writing this was not to force any of you to take up geography as your subject, never! But yes to make everyone appreciate the subject for it’s own uniqueness and different approach!


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