Consumerism and Sustainability

This brief account is solely written by putting my own ideas and thoughts on consumerism and sustainability and is thus less factual, more authentic.

 Consumerism is to protecting the rights and interests of the consumer as sustainability is to carefully using and preserving the resources for the future. Both the components are important in there respective aspects as there would be no healthy marketing without consumerism and no resourceful future for the generations to come without taking sustainable measures. But what puts consumerism and sustainability in the same discussion is the urgent concern for a marketplace that supports the fruitful use of resources into making fine products so that the natural resources aren’t wasted and some amount of them are kept preserved.

Using the natural resources in a sustainable fashion.

 The brands and companies should always make sure that how it’s employees are working with the resources provided to them for making products. They must also be careful while obtaining these natural resources so that they do not harm any living being and that the people from whose native places the resources are taken are well informed and are not left deprived of them. Even a restaurant should appropriately use water and vegetables and should give away the leftovers and extras and not just simply throw them off.

 Making the global marketplace a sustainability focal point.

 Consumption is ‘the major cause of the continued deterioration of the global environment’. (Agenda 21, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, 1992)

This is actually a trammel in the path of placidly changing the global market scenario. However the UN does support the idea of sustainable consumerism. And when the world’s got such a humongous and effective organization by it’s side, it is indeed pretty satisfactory that yes, this is somehow possible. From U.S. to India, to Japan to Canada, these few of the world’s biggest consumer markets are also the biggest in terms of GDP and the amount of natural resources found in their country. It’s just that with a little help from a canny mind the world could literally be turned upside down.

Charity begins at home.

We all are born consumers. We are heavily dependent on what’s out there in the grocery stores, the shopping malls and the real estate companies for us for the food we consume, the outfits we wear and the houses we live in. This puts a major responsibility on us of atleast ensuring that where are these materials procured from? Is the label, the brand cheating by advertising the incorrect information about it’s product to attract consumers? Is it a counterfeit product? Is the product actually a rare antique piece? Because this is for god’s sake obvious that shampoo and oil can’t be in the same packaging and there is no such remedy to burn fat in a day! Also, are you well aware of bond forgery?

All of this calls for every individual to do certain checks and balances, lawfully fulfill the duties of a good citizen by appealing the court for justification and asking the people through seminars and events to stand up for their world, their rights on institutional, country and global level.

Make sure that you are not being mocked and that the products and items you are using are not having a bad impact on the environment and that the natural resources are not being used in vain.


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